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14 Mar 2018

Want to grow your own avocados?

I’ll be honest.  Chances are very very little that there will be avocados growing from your own plant. Nevertheless the avocado plant is very beautiful and is an absolute delight for your home! Moreover, it’s just very fun (and cheap!) to grow a plant of your own.

All you need is:

  • Avocado (obviously)

  • Water

  • A glass

  • Toothpicks

  • A sunny place

  • And a LOT of patience

Well, that’s easy right?

Here are some more detailed instructions to get your plant growing:

1. Remove the avocado pit

Cut the avocado in half, watch carefully that you don’t cut the pit. It’s better to twist it apart after you’ve cut a full circle longways around the avocado.

Rinse the avocado pit off under cold water, then wipe it off. You’ll have to make sure that there is no avocado fruit remaining on the pit (otherwise mold will grow on it), but be careful not to remove the brown skin.

2. Put the avocado pit in water

Every avocado pit has a bottom and a top. If you ar...

12 Feb 2018

Bloomon delivers not only flowers to your door. With every delivery you know exactly what kind of flowers they picked and where their inspiration comes from. On a little card they highlight a few flowers (tip: If you keep these cards, you'll have a small flower encyclopedia of your own!)

This time Astrantia (the star of Love - Latin: Aster) is one of the highlights. As you can tell from the pictures, Astrantia is loved for this star-like quality of its flower heads. It's also called pin-cushion, which is less romantic, but very suitable. Nevertheless this flower blends softly with all the other flowers and it's really a plus for every bouquet!

 The FLOW collection of Bloomon is based on IKIGAI ('ie-kie-gah-ie'). It's a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". Having a purpose in your life is key to happiness. It's similar to the French "raison d'être". Bloomon tries to give their customers more than just flowers, they want to inspire them to find their flow. It's all about bala...

4 Feb 2018

It's not a big surprise anymore that I'm a big flower-lover. When I got the invitation from Bloomon to join a workshop near my hometown, I immediately said yes! I brought a friend with me who really had no experience with floral styling. New experiences; check!

When we came in at Cantine, we were offered a seat with a piece of banana cake and natural flavored water. So delicious! Not so long after, the flower fun could start. First we got some information about the way of working at Bloomon. It's really no lie that their flowers come straight from the growers and stay beautiful for more than two weeks. I've tested it already! If you cannot keep your Bloomon bouquet for so long, you are doing something wrong. :-)

Professional tips were given by the floral stylist. Afterwards everybody knew how to keep your flowers blooming for weeks, how to cut off the stalks in the right way and how to style your bouquet with the cross technique. Happy flowers equals happy home! Although everyone got t...

4 Feb 2018

9:30 am 

It’s a grey Thursday and I’m waiting for my first Bloomon bouquet to arrive. (So excited!)  I love how Bloomon is making it so easy for everyone to have fresh flowers  in their house. Floral happiness in your home is a blessing. You can enjoy the beautiful colours, the lovely smells, ànd the way flowers add serenity in your home is magical. They bring nature inside and as all of you already know: I’m a big nature lover.

10:40 am 

My Bloomon bouquet has arrived! As expected: perfectly imperfect and full of colour! I love being creative with flowers, so I can’t wait to put my hands on these beauties. I work a lot with different heights, so every flower gets the maximum space to flourish. It gives a bouquet a much more natural look, just the way I like it.

11:10 AM

While I’m arranging the beautiful flowers, the sun comes shining through. A moment of true happiness.

Unfortunately one flower didn't survive the delivery ride. The flower stalk broke in two. So I came up with the ide...

17 Sep 2017

Hi guys!

First of all, I would like to thank you. I really appreciate all of your kind reactions towards my first blogpost.

I even got one request to tell you more about my interior hunting. Where do I shop and get my inspiration from?

What you really should know: Home wasn’t built in a day.

Take your time to collect all the things you actually want for your home. If you’ve never done any decorating at all, I can imagine that you don’t know how or where to start. Me, on the other hand, I don’t know where to end (haha). But seriously, you can really start wherever you want.

One of the first things I did was planning a “second-hand-shop-roadtrip”. A whole day long I visited the one second-hand shop after the other, searching for unique pieces. And actually I need to do this much more. It’s so much fun! Of course, you will not find your hidden gem immediately, but meanwhile you will get so much inspiration. And maybe you will find some practical stuff. I can tell you, a lot of my kitchen equ...

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