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4 Feb 2018

It's not a big surprise anymore that I'm a big flower-lover. When I got the invitation from Bloomon to join a workshop near my hometown, I immediately said yes! I brought a friend with me who really had no experience with floral styling. New experiences; check!

When we came in at Cantine, we were offered a seat with a piece of banana cake and natural flavored water. So delicious! Not so long after, the flower fun could start. First we got some information about the way of working at Bloomon. It's really no lie that their flowers come straight from the growers and stay beautiful for more than two weeks. I've tested it already! If you cannot keep your Bloomon bouquet for so long, you are doing something wrong. :-)

Professional tips were given by the floral stylist. Afterwards everybody knew how to keep your flowers blooming for weeks, how to cut off the stalks in the right way and how to style your bouquet with the cross technique. Happy flowers equals happy home! Although everyone got t...

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