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Fresh Bloomon flowers make me happy!

February 4, 2018

9:30 am 

It’s a grey Thursday and I’m waiting for my first Bloomon bouquet to arrive. (So excited!)  I love how Bloomon is making it so easy for everyone to have fresh flowers  in their house. Floral happiness in your home is a blessing. You can enjoy the beautiful colours, the lovely smells, ànd the way flowers add serenity in your home is magical. They bring nature inside and as all of you already know: I’m a big nature lover.


10:40 am 

My Bloomon bouquet has arrived! As expected: perfectly imperfect and full of colour! I love being creative with flowers, so I can’t wait to put my hands on these beauties. I work a lot with different heights, so every flower gets the maximum space to flourish. It gives a bouquet a much more natural look, just the way I like it.



11:10 AM

While I’m arranging the beautiful flowers, the sun comes shining through. A moment of true happiness.



Unfortunately one flower didn't survive the delivery ride. The flower stalk broke in two. So I came up with the idea to put it in a mini vase together with some greenery that was just too short to put in my Bloomon vase. I'm happy that I could rescue it instead of throwing it away!



Why would you subscribe for Bloomon?

On a regular basis you’ll receive a beautiful - colourful - wonderful bouquet with fresh flowers. These flowers come straight from their growers! How often you want to receive a new bouquet is totally up to you. Or you can of course surprise someone with an unique Bloomon bouquet. Fresh flowers are great gifts for really any occasion. They are a wonderful way to let a person know he/she is in your heart. Moreover, you can also choose the size you want: small – medium – large. (Mine is medium size for the record.)



And there is more! I can give you a vase for free!

When you place your order via this link, you’ll get a free vase with your first Bloomon order! Just use the code elisabethvaas. Keep in mind that’s important to keep the water clean in your vase. The flowers will thank you!



P.S. Don’t forget to share your wonderful bouquet with me. I will give a shout-out to your beautiful creatures on my Instastories!


X Elisabeth



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