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Floral details / Bloomon

February 12, 2018

Bloomon delivers not only flowers to your door. With every delivery you know exactly what kind of flowers they picked and where their inspiration comes from. On a little card they highlight a few flowers (tip: If you keep these cards, you'll have a small flower encyclopedia of your own!)


This time Astrantia (the star of Love - Latin: Aster) is one of the highlights. As you can tell from the pictures, Astrantia is loved for this star-like quality of its flower heads. It's also called pin-cushion, which is less romantic, but very suitable. Nevertheless this flower blends softly with all the other flowers and it's really a plus for every bouquet!



 The FLOW collection of Bloomon is based on IKIGAI ('ie-kie-gah-ie'). It's a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". Having a purpose in your life is key to happiness. It's similar to the French "raison d'être". Bloomon tries to give their customers more than just flowers, they want to inspire them to find their flow. It's all about balance, beauty and feeling connected to nature. Find your way to (floral) happiness!






The FLOW collection is available until March 21st.  Although you will receive more bouquets during one collection, they will never be the same. All bouquets are unique and different. When you place your order on this link, you’ll get a free vase with your first Bloomon order! Just use the code elisabethvaas.


X Elisabeth








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