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How to grow your own avocado plant

March 14, 2018

Want to grow your own avocados?


I’ll be honest.  Chances are very very little that there will be avocados growing from your own plant. Nevertheless the avocado plant is very beautiful and is an absolute delight for your home! Moreover, it’s just very fun (and cheap!) to grow a plant of your own.


All you need is:

  • Avocado (obviously)

  • Water

  • A glass

  • Toothpicks

  • A sunny place

  • And a LOT of patience


Well, that’s easy right?

Here are some more detailed instructions to get your plant growing:



























1. Remove the avocado pit


Cut the avocado in half, watch carefully that you don’t cut the pit. It’s better to twist it apart after you’ve cut a full circle longways around the avocado.

Rinse the avocado pit off under cold water, then wipe it off. You’ll have to make sure that there is no avocado fruit remaining on the pit (otherwise mold will grow on it), but be careful not to remove the brown skin.


2. Put the avocado pit in water


Every avocado pit has a bottom and a top. If you are not sure, look at my (not so beautiful, but clear) illustration.



The slightly pointier end is the top, while the more flat end is the bottom. The bottom end will be put in water because this is from where the roots will grow. So this is actually the most crucial part of the process! Take four toothpicks and stick them firmly at a slight downward angle into the avocado pit. This way more of your avocado base rests in the water.


3. Wait for it…


For the first two months, your pit won’t really do much. It will just hang there, in the water, looking very much the same as the first day you started this project. Don’t get desperate, nature just takes her time.


Make sure you change the water once a week. Really not every single day like many online guides say. You just have to keep an eye on the water and keep it clean. Also a lot of online guides say that sprouting can take from 2 up to 4 weeks, but in my experience, it usually takes around two months to get a sprout. Just be patient.














First, he top of the pit will dry out and form cracks. After a while it will begin to split open. The crack will extend all the way to the bottom, where a tiny taproot will emerge. This taproot will grow longer, while at the top eventually a small sprout will appear. Then it goes really fast, a stem will shoot up, the first leaves will begin to grow, and more roots will make their way out of the bottom.


4. Pot your avocado plant


When you feel like there are enough roots and you have a stable plant, you can finally plant it. Leave the top half of the seed exposed, and give it frequent waterings. The soil should always be moist, but not saturated. Place your avocado plant on a sunny spot in your house. There’s never too much sun for these guys!



More tips:

  • When you notice that the leaves are turning yellow, you should let your avocado plant dry out for a few days. This is a sign of over-watering.

  • When you feel like your avocado plant isn’t growing anymore, pinch out the top two sets of leaves, before you try putting it in a bigger container.

  • Avocado plants perform best when they have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight  a day.

  • Avocado plants are very sensitive. They drop their leaves at first sign of trouble. Don't let this alarm you, it's normal. To increase the humidity in the air for instance, take a spray bottle and mist the leaves with it. They will recover.



Good luck and have fun!


X Elisabeth

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